A little about me

Feixue Mei was born and raised in Wuhan, China. she has been to many different countries and these experiences sharpened her appreciation for different kinds of visual design and art. She received BFA degree from Colorado State University with a graphic design concentration and from Central China Normal University with a visual communication concentration. Currently, she is pursuing an MFA in Design/Visual Communications at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

She has long been interested in mass media and internet culture. Her work focuses on transforming and materializing issues around the notion of plasticity, the transformation between individual and collective ideas and plastic identities into design works. She is increasingly interested in inviting viewers to get involved in her works and feel their spirit. She strives to make viewers think more critically of these problems and see their effects on their lives.

Outside of the design studio, you'll often catch her in movie theaters, in the library and in live concerts. She loves to collect various visual ideas for inspiration. She is a crazy fan girl of a Japanese singer group. She is also interested in multi-cultural study, pop art, sub-culture and animations.