Escape (An Onging Project)

Video/ Print

Inspired by the “boys’ love” manga in Japan, which explores how authors and readers work within and against the local heteronormative paradigm in the exploration of alternatives. These stories are about fantasy intimate relationships between two male characters. They are produced by females and created for female readers. The characters in BL works function in the construction of readers' and authors' sense of sexual subjectivity and identity. This genre liberates readers not only from patriarchy but from gender dualism and heteronormativity.

This is a cultural, entertaining play that transcends the geographical boundaries of media platforms. Viewers will ponder how they perceive and deal with situations where their desire for a new gender order ends up objectifying and otherizing other marginalized groups. The project will also address the multi-layered relationships between men and women, and between straight and non-straight, and seeks to help viewers differentiate themselves from existing heteropatriarchal paradigms.

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